Monday, December 15, 2008

Muse's Minis

Here are the biscuits aka short stories. None are very long, some were written for online challenges, others just found their way from my brain to my fingers and then the internet.

Most of my stories revolve around Jon Bon Jovi. There is a Richie story or two and of course, even a threesome.

Here’s the current list:

Chocolate Flight – This is a story about what happens when Richie Sambora discovers a woman with a passion for chocolate while waiting for his plane in the airport lounge.

Choices – Richie or Jon? Which does she choose?

First Impressions – This story was written as a birthday gift to The Fiction Mistress. It’s the story of her fictional first meeting with Jon Bon Jovi....based on a true story.

Resolutions – Based during the ‘Grey Summer’, this is the story of what happens with a waitress/biker meets up with Jon when he rides into town.

Wanna Go For a Ride? - Written as a gift to my good friend, Angel, HEH, the woman that can leave you hanging in a story like no other. This was in honor of her birthday and is also posted on the Birthday Blog written for and by Bon Jovi Fan Fiction writers. It's a story about Angel and Richie, or is it?

As with all stories that include a character based on a real person or three, none of these are meant to embarrass, offend or in any way imply anything here ever happened. It is, after all, fiction. All of my stories are copyrighted and all intellectual rights apply.